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At Empower Solutions Inc., we specialize in providing comprehensive inline diagnostics services for control valves. With our expertise and advanced diagnostic tools, we offer solutions to enhance the performance and reliability of your control valves.

Our experienced technicians are skilled in conducting inline diagnostics, which involve analyzing the operational parameters and characteristics of control valves while they are in-line and actively controlling the flow. Through this approach, we can assess the valve’s condition, identify any potential issues, and optimize its performance without interrupting your processes.

Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we measure and analyze crucial parameters such as valve position, actuator response, leakage, and control loop dynamics. By comparing these measurements against established standards and performance criteria, we can determine the health and efficiency of your control valves.

Based on the diagnostic results, our experts provide detailed insights and recommendations to address any identified issues. This may include adjustments to the valve’s settings, repairs, or even replacement of faulty components.

Tests Included:

· Dynamic Scan (Signature-Total scan)

· Booster Tuning Test

· Steps Response Test

· Resolution Test

· Sensitivity Test

· Hysteresis Test

· Stroke Speed Test

· Transducer Test

· Dead Bend Test

· Solenoid Valve Test

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